Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Night, night"

These were the words that came out of Payton's mouth when I put her to bed last night. My baby is growing up! I guess she has said it for nap time too, so we know she understands it.

She has her own language now, of which we can only understand a handful of words.

-Mama (although I have to beg her to say it)
-Mimi (my Mom)
-Papa (my Dad)
-Shadow (the dog)
-Buhhhl (ball)
-Dank yuh (thank you)
-Night, night

She talks all the time too - full conversations - with her stuffed animals, to our dog Shadow, to her books, to us, to anyone that will listen! It almost sounds Cantonese. She really tries to tell you want she wants, and just stares at you like "are you going to answer me?" when you're looking at her inquisitively trying to understand. haha It's so cute!

Friday, September 26, 2008

An observation

Boy clothes are not cute. Well, baby boy clothes are not cute. I swear all the newborn outfits, jammies, onesies I've seen are either all some shade of blue or striped, with dogs or firemen on them. And as much as I like dogs and firemen, I need choices people!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails...


I can't believe it. I REALLY can't believe it! It's so funny to me that I am always about 90% correct with guessing my friends' babies but when it comes to my own, I'm 0-2.

When we got into the ultrasound, the tech told us the baby was breech and she didn't think we were going to get any pictures of the "goods". But just a couple minutes later, the baby moved and she said "oh you're in luck, you're having a boy!" I started crying and asked "ARE YOU SURE?? REALLY?? NO WAY!". I was convinced we were going to have another little girl. CONVINCED! It is such a beautiful thing, we're having a boy! One of each - the perfect little family. Wow! Andy is SO excited.

We spent about 45 minutes watching the screen, seeing his little body all scrunched inside my belly. How life can form to make such perfect little creature is so amazing. And he is perfect too, measuring right on track.

I can finally started planning for a nursery, we can try and find a name we both like... It's such a relief knowing what we're getting. haha

A BOY! It's a BOY!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

House for sale!

We did it: We FINALLY put our house on the market! After months (hell, YEARS) of remodeling this place, we're finally ready to sell. And I couldn't be more ready. I don't think I've ever cleaned as much as I have in the past week as I have in my entire life! But then again, I'm not exactly Betty Homemaker.

The realtor came by last night and dropped off some temporary flyers for the post/sign out front and put up a few signs in the neighborhood pointing our direction. OH.MY.GOD! We have an Open House both this Saturday and Sunday and a Broker's Open House next week too.

The good news is, is that it went live on Sept 17th. And if any of you know, 17 is our very lucky number as all three of us - Payton, Andy and I- were all born on the 17th (of different months). So maybe it's fate that this is happening on this date. Andy said that hopefully we'll sell by the 17th of next month. HA! I don't really care what day we sell, as long as it does sell!! But if it happens to be on the 17th, I'm buying a lotto ticket. Seriously!

Without further ado: Our House

OH! And PS - tomorrow is the BIG ULTRASOUND!!! EEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Daddy update

The MRI came back and it turns out Andy ruptured a disc in his lower back (between L4-5, if that means anything to anybody). It's also slightly herniated, pushing against his spine. He was finally able to see a back specialist yesterday who told him he didn't think surgery was going to be necessary. But only time will tell and to see how it goes. Phew, there's hope!! He was taken out of work for the next 6-8 weeks and will be reevaluated in about a month. He started physical therapy yesterday too and is pretty sore this morning, but doing well otherwise. I'm so glad surgery isn't imminent, seeing him in so much pain just broke my heart.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Poor Daddy!

Andy hurt his back this weekend. He was in the backyard doing yard work and somehow twisted/pinched/dislocated something. At first I thought he was just tired of doing yardwork and wanted an excuse to get out of it (sorry honey), but he really did hurt himself. It was so bad that he basically layed on the floor all weekend drugged up on muscle relaxers and oxycodon. He couldn't sit for more than a couple of minutes at a time, couldn't walk much longer than that, couldn't lift much of anything - let alone Payton. Poor guy. The nurse practioner he saw on Saturday couldn't figure out what was wrong without an MRI, and he couldn't get an MRI without a doctor's consent.

He was finally able to see his doctor yesterday and get a "prescription" for an MRI, which is scheduled for tomorrow evening. Hopefully it will give us an answer of what is wrong so he can get fixed and feel better. It's not fun to see my honey hurting like this!

In light of this, Payton really enjoyed having her Daddy around all weekend. She wanted to be just like him, so she decided to lay next to him on the floor. It was such a sweet moment, Andy even smiled a little.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

18w Pregnancy update

I saw my OB for my monthly checkup yesterday. It's hard to believe I'm almost half way through this pregnancy already! I can't say it's gone fast or slow, but it hasn't been fun. I think I got a karma-spanking this time around because I complained my entire pregnancy with Payton and really - I had no problems or complications. With #2 I've had some morning sickness, sciatic problems, headaches and just general yuckiness. Apparently I need to learn to appreciate the good days a little more!

The appointment went well though, everything is right on track. The peanut's heartbeat was racing at 159bpm and I'm measuring on schedule. My spina bifida test came back negative, as did the other screenings I've had recently. I've gained a total of 3 pounds which kind of shocked me because since my morning sickness subsided, I've been eating like a pig! But I'll take it.

The most exciting part is that my Big ultrasound is now scheduled for Friday, September 19th! EEEEK! How I'm going to contain my excitement is beyond me. I even start to think about it and my heart starts racing. Two weeks and one day to go! And fortunately, I schedules the ultrasound for 9am, so I wouldn't have to wait around all day drumming my fingers and tapping my toes. I CAN'T WAIT!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And she's walking...

Walking is exciting stuff! Payton's been taking a few steps here and there for a couple of weeks now but lately she's been walking distances. Crawling is still faster - especially if you need to get a cat or a toy - but walking is becoming more and more fun!