Monday, June 30, 2008

Welcome Home, Little Addie!!

My dear friend finally got to bring home her baby today. After months of waiting and a rollercoaster ride of emotions and set-backs, the adoption process is (almost) complete and she can finally start her life with her little family.

This baby is going to be the luckiest little girl on the planet. Her mommy is one of the most remarkable women I know. Thoughtful, kind, generous and probably somehow related to Martha Stewart too. With a kooky sense of humor and a wicked silly streak, Tami can light up a room like no other. I swear we were sisters seperated at birth. Because after all, we share the same *brian*. haha

To adopt a baby and keep the birth family included in her life, is something I don't know I could do. It requires a brave strong couple to take on the challenge and I know, without a doubt, they will pull it off flawlessly.

So here's to you little Addie. May you grow up to be just as beautiful and wonderful as your mommy (and daddy). We love you very much and Payton can't wait to play dress up and have tea parties with you!

Monday, June 23, 2008

The little Big Sister

We told Andy's family our news this weekend. I made Payton a onesie that said "Big Sister" on it and after we were all settled in for the afternoon, I changed her into it. It took a few minutes for anyone to notice and have it register but Uncle Eric and Aunt Tina figured it out! Tina just stared at me with this quizzical look on her face and said "are you? ARE YOU?!?" haha

Everyone was excited. We now have "MacDonald birthdays" in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and November according to 8yr old cousin Kenya. :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Payton vs. The Cat

The Cat - 1 / Payton - 0

We had a little altercation yesterday afternoon. Little Miss P decided she wanted to love on the kitty and he apparently didn't like it.

To be fair, I think she scared him and he tried to defend himself. And once I picked her up to soothe her, he followed me around the house meowing. Not sure if it was an apology or he was just freaked out by her crying but it seemed somewhat endearing.

Her face was bleeding pretty bad but I'm just thankful that he didn't get her eye. Oh man, we're lucky. And with neosporin, the bleeding stopped fairly quick and it hasn't scabbed over too much. Cross your fingers there isn't much scarring.

Hopefully Payton will stay away from Jake now. I'm trying to tell her every time she goes near him to "leave the kitty alone, he doesn't like babies!" in an urgent voice. So far it's worked. But it hasn't even been 24hrs yet.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My poor Payton

My poor little Payton is sick. I feel so bad for her, her nose won't stop running, her eyes are watering and goopy and you can tell she's just not herself. I wish I could give her baby sudafed or something, just so her little nose can dry up. It is obvious she is frustrated that we wipe her face every 10 minutes with a tissue but my goodness talk about Snot City!

I was hesitant to take her to daycare this morning because I didn't want her spreading germs but the daycare lady said she should be fine. If she were contageous - it would have already happened last week. So off she went. Andy was at jury duty, so he couldn't stay home and I had to go to the office today as the Big Boss is here from New York this week.

So around 9:30am, Terri (the daycare lady) called me and suggested that I call P's pediatrician. Oh god... apparently, Terri thinks she might have Pink Eye. Ugh. Pink eye? Really? I don't think so. But ok... so the Ped's office said that she probably doesn't have pink eye, but more of a sinus infection and maybe a clogged tear duct. *sigh* GREAT, that sounds so much better than pink eye. Right.

My poor Payton.

Follow up: It turns out she has a double ear infection! Boy I didn't see that coming. I'm sure glad I decided to have Andy take her into the doctors. She's now on antibiotics (for the next 10 days) and is already seeming more like herself. My poor baby.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our little secret

We've known about this pregnancy for 6 days now. We decided it is best for us to be fairly tight-lipped about this little secret until our first OB appointment next month. Just in case - god forbid - anything were to happen and the peanut is not growing or healthy. While I have not had the experience of "untelling" people this kind of news, I can't imagine it would be fun.

I still can't believe it. Payton is going to be a Big Sister! Hopefully at 18 months old, she'll appreciate a little brother or sister as much as we want her to. No doubt there will be jealousy issues but I think, as a team, Andy and I can make sure Miss P receives the attention she deserves.

This baby is supposed to debut at the beginning of February. According to certain due date calculators, February 2nd. We will see. And Aquarius baby would be ok, I suppose. :)

My pregnancy with Payton was pretty much a breeze and I pray that this one will be as well. I am definitely happy that I get to be "big" during the winter months to cover my expanding waistline, rather having to endure the heat of the summer. Not that we're ever going to have summer in Washington this year. It's June and it's snowing in the mountains! Whatever. Global warming, my ass.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Is it possible? Is it possible that I got two negative tests only to find out a week later that I really am pregnant? Yes, in fact it is quite possible because this is what happened to us.

Pondering how we're going to survive with 2 kids under 2yrs of age, I decided that I needed a place to write down my thoughts about my pregnancy, my crazy busy life and our ever growing family. Thus, welcome to the MacDonald Family blog.

Our dear little Payton has her own website at if you'd like to see her life in pictures.