Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Payton's First Haircut

This past weekend I took Payton to get her first haircut at Bella & Max in Bothell's Country Village. Although we just adore her baby curls, it was time to get it all evened out. And I wanted a day when her hair would look decent enough not to put it into pigtails!

All last week we practiced getting her haircut at home. I had P sit on the ottoman and I wrapped a receiving blanket around her. Then I turned on one of her shows, sprayed her hair down with a water bottle, then lightly brushed and played with it while she watched Mickey Mouse. After a couple of practice runs, she seemed comfortable enough to go to the salon.

So Saturday morning we got to Bella & Max and she hopped right into the pink car and let the hairdresser wrap the cape around her - like she was a pro. We popped in a DVD of Elmo and chop, chop, chop - off it went. She was the perfect angel, well other than the little freakout she had when the lady tried to trim her bangs. We took off about an inch all over and I got her first little curl in a tiny plastic baggie to keep. I won't lie and say I didn't get emotional... without her pigtails, my Payton looks so grown up!


My darling little girl is getting so big, so fast! Only two months until she's 2 years old. God help us all!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Learning the ABCs

Right now we're REALLY into singing. The ABCs are a favorite, along with Row, Row, Row, Spider (of the Itsy Bitsy kind), and Twinkles.

I was able to tape Miss P helping me sing the ABCs yesterday. She's almost got it. I already miss her saying "appletree" instead of "E,F,G" but it also means she's growing up. Oh how I wish I could bottle her up!